Sunday, 7 May 2017

The Handy Handbag

Today I return to the blog to rave about an impulse buy turned everyday staple.

A few months back I realised I was missing a smaller handbag which would fit just the essentials for evenings out and running errands. To further justify a new purchase, I thought about my trusty work backpack which though perfect for carrying supplies for the 9-5 was not so practical when trying to reach for items on the go.

In a moment of genius I convinced myself that carrying a second smaller bag would remedy this problem nicely. Some ASOS browsing later I found a contender, the ASOS Croc Boxy Cross Body bag and hit order minutes later. The rest is history!

Although small in size, the boxy shape means I can pack in the essentials and keep things organised. No rooting around for the oyster card or keys here. I was further sold by the details; a faux croc exterior and silver chain strap. I favour silver jewellery this days and not one for mixing metals liked how easily I could throw this bag on without having to cut down on other accessories.

Best of all, it was easy on the bank balance costing just £20. Winning both on price and details, this really is a handy little bag to have to hand.

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