Wednesday, 28 February 2018

The February Review

I didn't want to be predictable and start this post by marvelling at how fast February has flown by but it'll be the elephant in the room if I don't so...seriously, how frickin' fast did February fly by! My goal for the month was to prioritise fitness and restore a normal work/personal life balance by bettering my time-management. I think I've made headway in both respects but some habits are hard to break and there's definitely room for improvement.

Borough Market London Snow

A slow but steady fitness update

My 10k run is just over three weeks away and I still haven't gotten round to running further than 5k in a single run. As much as I have enjoyed seeing London darling'd up in the snow, I am hoping that this cold snap will ease off by the weekend so I can actually get out and run, risk free of slippages. And ideally in above zero degree conditions!

Yoga has continued to be a great tool to unwind and calm my mind after busy work days. Even 10 minute routines before bed have made such a difference and are a healthier way to de-stress and switch off (although the occasional mid-week G&T is ok too, in my book anyway).

Gone Blogging February Review
Gone Blogging February Review

More 'me time'

I booked myself a 'me day' off work last week and whilst half the day was spent running errands, I did enjoy a rare Monday afternoon browsing the shops and ordering a sit in latte and Danish pastry at the heavenly Ole and Steen. I'd definitely recommend taking a Monday me day every so often. A short time out from the daily grind is a nice way to reset and start the week that little bit calmer. 

I also finished my first book of 2018, Marching Powder by Rusty Young. Admittedly, I did start it as holiday reading back in October 2017 but I'm pleased to have finally finished it. Better still, I found myself wanting to read again on my commute to and from work. Marching Powder is the true story of Thomas McFadden, an English drug smuggler who is arrested and imprisoned in Bolivia's notorious San Pedro prison. It's a gritty read and offers you a glimpse into the harshness of prison life, but there are also moments of humour and friendship throughout. I've lined up my next read, determined to make reading a priority again.

Gone Blogging February Review

February music favourites 

Working in an open plan office means I listen to music on and off throughout the day and what I'm listening to is definitely dependent on my mood. This month, I've alternated between three playlists in particular;
80s hits - totally inspired by Stranger Things 2 which I finally got round to watching 
Early 00s indie anthems - songs which take me back to my student days of drinking cider and blackcurrant and dancing away in sweaty Liverpool clubs. Bands like The Killers, The Strokes, The Wombats, pretty much every band starting with 'The'. And perhaps my favourite playlist of all...  
American punk rock - the likes of Sum 41, Blink 182, Good Charlotte and Fall Out Boy - I actually cant stop smiling and wanting to shout out along to these songs. I'm also impressed at the amount of lyrics I still remember, over ten years on!
ASOS ALL FOR IT Leather Buckle Ankle Boots

Animal print obsessed 

My style favourite of the month is definitely animal print shoes. I've been wanting a faux fur animal print coat but with Spring around the corner (despite a visit from the Beast from the East this week) I'll hold off buying one until next Autumn. So until then, I've got my fix via animal print shoes. I snapped up a pair of printed slingbacks from Topshop which I've since spotted all over instagram so I know I'm not the only one having a thing for animal print right now. Sadly it's still far too cold to wear them out so I'm thinking of them as my Spring ladies in waiting. In the meantime, a recent ASOS order brought the All For It buckle ankle boots into my life. They are EXTRA to the max and there's something very man-repeller about them; the print, the texture and the silver buckles. Teamed with jeans and a jumper or slogan Tee they add a statement touch to otherwise regular outfits. Definitely my favourite fashion purchase so far this year.

So that's my February in a nutshell. My 10k is frighteningly close and the Easter bank holiday weekend is in sight. I wasn't able to plan a mini break away in February so I am determined to make the most out of the upcoming long weekend. What are your March goals and plans? I hope you all have a happy and healthy month ahead and let's hope for some long-awaited Spring weather!


  1. Great post! Your photographs are so lovely! It’s great you have had more time for yourself, that’s always so important! My blogging goal for March is to real 1K followers on my blog and to reach 5K on Twitter. 15 away!

    1. Thank you so much, really appreciate your lovely comment! Definitely great to claw back some me time now and then. I stumbled on your blog and loved it - I'm sure you'll reach 5k any day now!

      Elisha xxx