Sunday, 11 February 2018

Travel Destinations For Coffee Lovers #1

Coffee lover travel destinations

People watching whilst sipping on a freshly brewed cup of coffee is one of my favourite ways to slow down and reflect on my experiences when I travel. 

As I work full time, I have to plan my time carefully so I can fit in one far away trip a year. As well as tropical climates and mountainous landscapes, my destinations of choice have so far had one important in common: each country has been a producer of truly delicious coffee.

Coffee culture in Costa Rica and Jamaica

Monteverde Coffee Tour

Monteverde coffee tour

Costa Rica

My coffee traveller life first began when I spent three weeks in Costa Rica. Heading up the hills to reach Monteverde's mystical cloud forest, I jumped at the chance to visit Don Juan's coffee plantation

The tour was started in 2006 by family member's of a coffee farm owner based in Monteverde. Feeling 
welcomed from the start, our group was met by our guide and warmly greeted by the tour's namesake, Don Juan himself. 

Our friendly and knowledgable guide led us through the coffee farm, talking us through the coffee making process and explaining how it is grown, harvested and processed. We of course had the chance to sample the goods and taste some deliciously blended Costa Rican coffee. 

A visit also includes a chocolate and sugar cane tour so you certainly get sweet bang for your buck by visiting Don Juan's.

Ocho Rios Blue Hole


In 2016 I spent a week in Jamaica and split my time between the laid back town of Ocho Rios (Ochi as it is known by locals) and dreamy white sands of Negril.

In between beach days and excursions out to its lagoons and waterfalls, Ochi was the first place where I tried sweetened condensed milk with my coffee, a seriously decadent treat!

Although I didn't get to visit the famous Blue Mountains, I drank plenty of its rich, aromatic arabica coffee which is known for its milder, less bitter taste. Several coffee plantations located in the Blue Mountains can be visited through organised coffee tours. 

If I get a chance to return to Jamaica, a trip to the Blue Mountains will definitely be on my itinerary. You can hike 
through tropical rain forest and up the mountains in Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park for beautiful views. 
I for one can't think of a better post-hike treat then a delicious cup of Blue Mountain coffee.

Coffee culture has absolutely enriched my travels, encouraging me to slow down and be more present in the moment. Assuming you're not yet coffee'd out, make sure you return to the blog next week where I share my most recent destination which is another must-see/do for the coffee loving traveller!


  1. Ohh my! These destinations look so exotic compared to dull, grey England right now! Can't beat a good coffee! x x
    Ellis //

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Ellis! Haha, I have to agree, a coffee shop coffee is great but not quite as exciting as having one on your travels :) X