Monday, 30 April 2018

The April Review

Prague castle

Prague city break

Prague Old Town
In a blink of an eye, April has been and gone. We had a fleeting taste of summer weather but it seems we're back to coats and boots for the foreseeable - come on sandals weather, we're ready for you!

Pretty Prague

My last trip away was in October so I had very itchy feet to say the least. I booked a fairly last minute long weekend away to Prague, a city which has been on my travel list for a few years now. My three days were spent ticking off the main sights and sampling as many Czech beers as possible. I won't go into anything specific here as I have a Prague post coming soon (such as tease) but the days away were exactly what I needed. March-June is a busy work period so even a few days out of my normal routine and exploring a new city was the perfect way to give me some respite and feel inspired again.

Pause for thought

April hasn't been the best month for sticking to my 2018 goals of prioritising fitness and work/life balance. In fact, it's probably been the worst yet. A busy month meant I only ran once in April and when I did get to it I couldn't even manage 5k. It was a bit disheartening feeling like my fitness was back to square one but I suppose giving myself a hard time won't get me back out there any quicker. 

I've also been  thinking a lot about my future lately - career, personal life and whilst May is my busiest month at work, I will be making time to look after myself and do what's best for me.

A tribute to Avicii

I was so sad to hear of the death of Avicii last week. I love dance music and tracks like Levels, Wake me up and I could be the one are some of my most listened to songs. I still remember hearing The Nights and wanting to immediately drop everything and seek adventure. I wish I'd gotten to see Avicii perform these songs live, I can only imagine how electric the atmosphere would've been in a crowd captured by his feel good music.

I'll end this post with a few lyrics from The Nights, in tribute to Avicii and his wonderful music.

When you get older
Your wild life will live for younger days

Think of me if you're afraid.

He said, 'One day you'll leave this world behind

So live a life you will remember'

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