Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Hidden Gems Of Prague Travel Guide

Hidden Gems Of Prague Travel Guide

A few weeks back I escaped the nine to five for a quick European city break. My destination: Prague...

Those planning a trip to the Czech capital will no doubt have a sight-seeing plan of action in mind; Old town square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle. So I thought I'd share a few places I visited or came across in between the tourist hotspots - some were discovered along the way and others came from pre-trip planning.

To do

Havel's Market - A few minutes' walk from Old Town Square, Havel's Market isn't exactly off the beaten track but I always enjoy visiting a local market to soak up the atmosphere.

This is a picture-worthy street lined with stalls that are packed full of souvenirs, crafts, flowers and fresh produce. The market is open daily through to 6.30pm so can easily be slotted into a 2-3 day itinerary.

We visited early on Friday afternoon and got to leisurely browse along the way. Passing through again on Saturday, the market was far busier with large tourist groups so if possible, I would recommend visiting on a weekday or earlier in the morning.
John Lennon Wall - Having lived in Liverpool as a student, I developed a love and appreciation of The Beatles so naturally, I knew I had to see the graffiti covered wall of murals and tributes to John Lennon.

The wall is in the Mala Strana area of Prague which you can reach in just under 10 minutes once you've crossed Charles Bridge to the castle side of town.
I learnt that people are free to add to the wall so it's continually changing with new tags and graffiti. This does mean you're not seeing the wall as it would've appeared in the 1980's but I still enjoyed taking it all in and finding layers of tributes to John Lennon and The Beatles.
Hidden Gems Of Prague Travel Guide Restaurace Tiskarna
Hidden Gems Of Prague Travel Guide Green Tomato

To re-fuel

We tried to avoid eating in the centre of Old Town Square fearing pricey tourist traps. That said, Restaurace Tiskarna was a good find and only a short walk away from the centre of town. There was a nice menu of Czech dishes and of course, plenty of beer options. There's a modern feel to the interior, with painted brick walls and hanging light bulbs throughout. The restaurant was also surprisingly large, we passed lots of small dining areas spanning two floors and were led to the basement to a comfy booth. Best of all, the bill at the end of the night was very reasonable, around the £50 mark for 3 main meals, shared sides and 2 drinks each.

On the flip side, if you're looking for a break from Czech cuisine, Green Tomato's  pizza and pasta menu hit the spot. This was actually our first meal in Prague which we discovered down the road from our hotel. A blogging fail, I devoured my meal before remembering to snap a photo but as someone who isn't usually so keen on pizza, I can vouch that they were freshly made and delicious. The restaurant is decorated with antique furniture and lit with beautiful Tiffany lamps - quite the opposite to the modern feel of Restaurace Tiskarna but just as eye-catching.

Hidden Gems Of Prague Travel Guide T'Anker Terrace
Hidden Gems Of Prague Travel Guide T'Anker Terrace

To drink

T’anker - because no trip is complete without a rooftop view for the 'gram. Finding T’anker terrace is quest in itself. Fortunately I'd read a few TripAdvisor comments warning that this place can be difficult to reach but guided by some helpful comments, we navigated to the Palladium shopping mall and found the tucked away lift (there's also a staircase should you fancy clocking up some extra steps!) opposite the entrance. Disclaimer: if I can find it, anyone can!

Once you arrive, there is an indoor area and outdoor terrace with a beautiful view of Old Town. We just stopped for a quick drink after an long afternoon of walking but food was also on the menu. I opted for a mojito having finally reached my Pilsner limit. There was a nice choice of cocktails as well as a huge menu of Czech and other European beers. There was a nice buzz about the place but I suspect it would get busier later in the evening.

And because I'm a foodie at heart, I’ve compiled a quickfire round-up of additional places for drinks or a bite to eat in Prague:
- Bake shop - on the look out for some baked goods to bring home, a lovely girl in a nearby florist suggested this place. We picked up some biscuits and spied a tasty looking lunch menu as well as cakes and pastries.
- Tlusta Koala - styled up as an English pub, this place is packed full of quirky knick-knacks and framed prints and has a huge selection of beer on offer.
- Banh-mi-ba - I can't get enough of Vietnamese food and whilst I can't say the Banh Mi (a Vietnamese baguette filled with pork and fresh salad) was as tasty as the ones I ate in Vietnam, it was a nice change to have some Asian flavours.
- Sisters - I didn't get round to visiting but read rave reviews about their open sandwiches, a great lunch option I'm sure!

So that's my alternative Prague guide - I hope it comes in useful to those of you planning a trip of your own!


  1. I’d absolutely love to visit Prague one day! I love how you’ve included things that people might miss, it’s great to visit the well known spots but discovering places is fab too! Gorgeous photos too!x

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Lorna! Prague is such a lovely city, so much to see and do :)